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Brickendon Petanque Boules Club
The Farmer's Boy,Brickendon
Come and play Pétanque

Our club is based at The Farmer's Boy, Brickendon, Hertfordshire and is affiliated to the Chiltern Region of Pétanque England.

We are a very sociable club and have 5 floodlit pistes situated next to the car park opposite the pub. Visiting players of any standard are always welcome, so even if you've not played before come and give it a try - we'll supply the boules and lots of encouragement.

From April to September we play in 2 local leagues and we also participate in other events throughout the year.

Feel free to contact us or visit us here - our postcode is SG13 8NU

SUNDAY MORNING: summer 9.30 to 12.00 / winter 10.00 to 12.00
TUESDAY EVENING: 5.30 to 7.30
THURSDAY MORNING: 10.00 to 12.00
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LADDER UPDATE  17/7/2019
Apologies for my tardiness. After a flurry of matches on Sunday and yesterday, here is the current Ladder. If I have got anything wrong, please let me know. If anyone can give me a few tips on 'how to beat Ivan', I'll be very grateful.
Best wishes to all,
1 Robert Williams
2 Hughie Lambie
3 Paul Lavelle
4 John Lambie
5 Brian Russell
6 Geoff Cook
7 Janet Sargeant
8 Bernie Hornett
9 Paul Grimsdick
10 Ava Greenwell
11 Jon Newby
12 Maurice Levitt
13 Jean Retallick
14 Mavis Cook
15 Martin Todd
16 Andrew Caldin
17 Ivan Sargeant
18 John (Eric) Oliver
19 John Matthews
20 Pete Millman
21 Martyn Smith
22 David Ansell
23 Eddie Linford
24 Beryl Matthews
25 Keith Milan  
LADDER RANT  12/7/2019
Dear Ladder players.
Further to Janet's entirely justifiable reminder about paying for our coffee, here's an unusual rant from me!
It has come to my notice that some ladder players are declining challenges from those below them on the ladder, purely on the grounds that they 'want to play the one above them first'. No names at this stage.
To make the rule absolutely clear... If you have already booked a game and arranged a date with the player above you, then you are quite right tell the person challenging you that. You are NOT allowed to refuse a challenge just because you WANT to play the person above you on the ladder. To decline a challenge on those grounds alone is unsporting and not within the spirit of the competition.
SO, if the person below you challenges you, and you haven't got a game booked with the person above you, you must accept the challenge or give them a walk over. If any of that is not clear to anyone, please speak to me personally and I will explain it in big boy's words of very few syllables, and you wouldn't want that, would you?
Kind regards,
End of rant!  
Coffee   8/7/2019
It has been brought to my attention and I have been asked to put this on the club noticeboard that not everyone is paying the correct amount for coffee in the Farmers Boy on Sunday and Thursday. The cost for coffee is £1.50 each and the amount of money paid should equal the amount of dirty cups. Apparently we are on our last warning as this has happened previously. If the pub stops providing refreshments then presumably the toilets may not be available either during the morning sessions. The pub provides this service to us out of the goodness of their hearts you can appreciate that they canít make money out of coffee at £1.50 per cup. Please make sure that you pay the correct amount for your refreshments perhaps somebody can take on the role of ensuring the correct money is collected. Janet R  

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What is Pétanque?
Pétanque is the best-known and most popular variation of the French game of boules (bowls) and can be played almost anywhere and by all ages.
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BPBC Committee
President - John Lambie
Secretary & Membership - Janet Rees
Treasurer - Peter Millman
Events Organizer - Geoff Cook
Team Captain (Mon) - Robert Williams
Team Captain (Wed) - Andrew Caldin
Piste Management - Bob Simpson
Ladder Competition - John (Eric) Oliver
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